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If you have concluded to work at home (either by choice or necessity), sooner of later you will face with the decision as to whether to pursue a W@H job or to start a home based business.

The major differences between a W@H job and a W@H opportunity (home businesses) are:
  1. W@Hjobs are just that "jobs", where you have an employer, requirements, and maybe even schedules.
  2. Most work opportunities (home businesses) require a fee or a set amount of money upfront to get you started.
W@H jobs have become more prevalent with the growth of the Internet. Hundreds of jobs can be found on any given day. Telecommuting is not a myth anymore. In fact, approximately 15 million people telecommute in some form.

The key to finding W@H jobs is know how and where to search, taking the time to learn about companies, submitting a quality resume and having an invetory (fax, modem, phone, soft, etc).

But one of the first things people need to understand about W@H jobs is that they require skill and experience just as any job would.

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