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Starting to build an Internet business is easy now, there are a lot of programs, tools and resources you can use and follow.

It's impossible to provide a list with all tools and resources, they should be over a million. It's also almost impossibe to say wich one is the best or wich one is the most effective prforming a certain task.

If you ask me to make a list with the minimum tools and resources inventory for a beginner I'll be in great difficulty.

 One way because I am not a scientist, or a guru of internet to know alot of secrets.
 Second way, because I might be wrong choosing a not performant selection.
 Third way, because everybody has his own way to succeed and what works for me, may be doesn't work for you and vice-versa.

But I still do something for you. I'll let you know some tools and resources I use and if you will conclude that they could help you, I'll be very happy.

As the main reason of working at home is to earn some money, I'll focus my attention to those things that will help you directly. It's about traffic tools and resources.

What does traffic means ? Shortly, traffic means the number of people visiting your site. Think of your site as a common store. The more visitors you have, the more products/services you sell. This is why tools and resources improving your traffic are very important to you

Using the tools and resources presented here, you will have the opportunity to send messages, call them sale letters, to thousands even million people. By content of your sale letter you will try to drive their attention to your site and make them to pay a visit and maybe to buy.

Please note that the majority of tools and resource I present here are in some way related to targeted traffic. I mean that you first publish an ezine to bring together a comunity of people interested in your business area and then you run in this ezine info related to your product or service. The theory is that if your comunity are targeted, some of them will purchase what you sell.

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