optimization targeted business website

business website optimization targeted

targeted business optimization website

optimization targeted business website
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Building and setting up a website is an accomplishment for anyone, but just building a website is not enough for your business. Whatever you dou, if you want to earn some money, you must sell something. You need visitors to see and buy, with another words you need traffic.

 In another section of this website, I also present some tools and resources related to traffic as submitters, ezine advertising and so on.

By using them you have a direct contact with your possible customers, sending them a message, a sale letter. Your skills are focused to the content of the letter, because it must send a clear message to people with you're in touch: "go to my site and find there exactely what you need". I call this kind of traffic, active traffic, because you act directely to people's mind and try to drive their attention to your site.

On the other hand, statistics say that 80% from people start their everiday internet work by searching the net for things they are interested in, like sports, business, travel, and so on. For this pourpose they use a search engine (SE).

Let's say your site is about spending an unforgettable holiday in Hawai. What if this huge amount of people invading search engines for travel informations will meet your site? It is something, isn't it ?

What I want to tell you now is the fact that there are tools and techniques able to make your site very "friendly" to search engine. More directly speaking, you can build your site in such way that search engine to list it in the top position. When people will search on "travel", search engine will list your site in first 10 positions. People interested in "travel" will see it.

You will focus your skills and activity on building your site and this time people will visit your site without receiving a message (sale leter) from you. I call this traffic, indirect traffic, as the direct contact beween you and visitors is missing.

This kind of "operation" is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it is very important because this way you will get targeted traffic only. I mean that people intersted in "travel" will see your site related to Hawai holiday. The theory is that if your visitors are targeted, some of them will purchase your products.

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