highest exposure ezine advertising

highest exposure ezine advertising ADVERTISE IN ONLINE BUSINESS OPORTUNITIES, RENT IT  

Ezine advertising offers highest exposure

Online Business Opportunities Newsletter has over 61,000 subscribers (May, 2015) main part (over 75%) located in US and Canada. Advertising in our newsletter means to send your advertisement to all our subscribers plus to post your ad on our site for lifetime. rent highest exposure ezine advertising

Ezine advertising are very effective for promoting your business offering the highest exposure at the lowest price.

Here it is our offer:

 Solo ad
Up to 30 lines 55 characters formated.
Solo Ad means a Online Business Opportunities issue exclusively dedicated to your ad. Nothing else, but your ad. This is the highest possible exposure.

1 Solo Ad=$40;    2 Solo Ads=$65;    3 Solo Ads=$80

 Top sponsor ad
Up to 5 lines 55 characters formated.
A Top sponsor ad is located in the top of Online Business Opportunities regular issue. This is the first advertisement subscribers can see, and for this reason it has a high exposure.

1 Top Ad=$10;    2 Top Ads=$17;    3 Top Ads=$20

 Regular ad
Up to 7 lines 55 characters formated.
Every issue could have 2-3 regular ads located in it's superior part. As they are posted near to the top, a good exposure is provided.

1 Regular =$5    2 Regulars =$8    3 Regulars =$10

Special Bonus
If you order now, your SOLO ad will be additionally posted on our site and will drive traffic to your business for lifetime.

You may pay only using PayPal. No card or bank transfer accepted.

To order or for more information Click Here to Send an Email and I'll be back to help you.

Please note that Online Business Opportunities Newsletter has zero tolerrance for adult contents, hate, racism or violence. Any ads with such kind content will be ignored.

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