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The Dictionary of Business Terms defines it as follows: “The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the officer who has ultimate management responsibility for an organization. The CEO reports directly to the Board of Directors [and] appoints other managers…to assist in carrying out the responsibilities of the organization.”

In many organizations, The Board is responsible to hire or appoint the CEO. As a consequence, in most cases, the CEO is a non-voting director and officer of the organization. In addition, the CEO may be a non-voting ex officio member of all forums appointed or established by the board of directors, such as committees, councils, task forces, and other.

Often the titles of President and CEO were considered synonymous, and the primary focus was the significant shift to either of them from the more traditional executive director title.

Major CEO Responsibilities and Duties

Under the authority of the strategies and the policies of the board of directors, the CEO has two major functions:

  1. direct and execute all activities of the organization either directly or through delegated authority;
  2. provide leadership in these and other areas:
    • the creation of strategic, tactical, and financial plans;
    • developing goals and measuring performance to the approved goals;
    • organizational development;
    • liaison to the customers, public, government and partner organizations;
    • develop member services and member development;
    • the development of the organization's staff.


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