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online business needs success successful customers

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by Valerian Copyright 2005

When they fail in their online ventures almost all marketers think either they do not know the business, either they do not provide a high service related to advertising, networking, market, prospects and so on.

The truth is marketing an online business is like any game. If you know the rules you may avoid many mistakes and you are much more likely to achieve success.

Speaking about the marketing rules, let's talk about some of the most important ones:

1. Focus the marketing activity on customers' needs.
It is a fact that the best way to earn customers is to show them you understand the problems they are facing. Very often service professionals focus their marketing on their expertise, and try to impress clients with their approach and services they offer. They simply forget that clients' primary concern is getting problems solved and having their spoken and unspoken needs met. Instead of marketing your credentials, market your knowledge and the solutions you offer to answer the customers' questions.

2. Find the right niche of the market
If you are not getting a positive response to your marketing efforts then you may not have targeted your market and their specific interests and needs precisely enough. Think that it's impossible to be everything to everybody. Instead to focus a large area of market better narrow and deep it. It's more profitable to touch 25 people four times then 100 people just one time. That means you have reach a loyal group of customers and you may hope to have repeated sales.

3. Build your network.
May be I was rather unclear saying to deep your market. As you probably know people like to buy products from people they know and trust. Networking is a good idea to see who's interested in your products and services. Networking is going deeply into your targeted market getting new customers to you.

4. Stay in touch.
Take care to refresh memories. Is better to assume your target market has forgotten about the range of solutions you offer. Stay in touch with your people on a monthly or at a minimum quarterly basis. Use a newsletter to do this, it's the best solution.


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