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by Valerian Copyright 2005

When I first began surfing on the Internet in 1997, I easily believed the messages saying that all I had to do to become successful (please read wealthy) was to build a web site, join affiliated programs or start a newsletter.

Well, after doing all of the above and repeatedly failing, I quickly reconsidered online marketing.
"You have these two choices", I said to myself:

  1. to become an expert by making all possible mistakes of internet marketing and to try to make some money advising people to avoid what you've already done, or
  2. to change the aproach and hope it's a winning choice.
After seven years I've neither succeeded to make every mistake in order to become an expert, nor found the right approach to lead me to the big money. But I'll still try to find new things and ways that will improve my expert knowledge. Certainly I shall inform you about my accomplishment. Just stay around for another seven years!

But, one thing is crystal clear: do what successful people do, unless they are internet experts. Anyway, you won't live long enough to make all possible mistakes on your own.

What do successful people do ?

1. They act when the right time comes.
As you already know winter is the time for the sales fiesta on the internet. Then start pushing. Even if you live in Australia or New Zealand, I've heard some rumors that Santa will come anyway . After the holidays try weight loss treatments. People like to look gorgeous in the spring and summer.

2. They are consistent.
Their messages are clear, concise and attention getting. They create interest, desire and a call to action.

3. They use the most appropriate form of communication.
A postcard is much more easily read than a nice letter covered in an envelope. A website is perfect when a substantial amount of traffic is driven in.

4. They know to whom to send messages.
Putting products in front of potential buyers is the key to marketing and selling. No potential buyers means no selling. If they miss the target audience they create one using a newsletter or/and optimize their sites to meet search engines queries.

With these four components outlined, you can differentiate what's working in your business and what's not. Now take a little time to think.


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