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by Valerian Copyright 2005

May be you awoke one morning with a fantastic idea for starting an online business and you hadn't a doubt in your mind that you could turn it into a huge success. Despite all ideas floating around in your head at the moment you don't feel yourself nearly prepared for the start.

You have no reason to be afraid of. Internet may be revolutionizing the way the world does business, but it shouldn't change the approach to writing a business plan. Whether you're starting an online venture or a traditional small business, the basic administration elements are the same:
  • a description of the business,
  • a marketing plan,
  • a management plan, and
  • a financial plan.

The most effective strategy at this stage of the game would be to start writing things down. The only difference is that you should consider each element in the context of a web based activity and to develop a business plan that can't lose.

1. The description of the business.
This is the first section you must write because it drives the remainder of your plan. First of all, this section describes why you want to be in business and it is a good opportunity for you to evaluate your skills and motivation. Make sure you are ready mentally, emotionally and financially to begin this business. Then you should state what is your venture's mission and what you're going to do.

2. The marketing plan.
A marketing and promotion strategy should be made part of your starting planning phase in spite of the fact it will changed and many times over the life of your business. To find the ways you'll follow make the ideal client profile and then develop a customer service policy. Take into your consideration the similar products existing on the market to have a general picture. If you are a newbie in online marketing, think that purchasing a good Internet marketing course will pay big dividends in the future

3. The management plan.
It's important to set goals, both long term and short term, but set reasonable goals. Think very carefully about how much time you are able to invest in developing and maintaining your business. Then assign a term for every goal.

4. The financial plan.
You need a budget. For good advises or professional tools you must pay. What is free is time consuming and often efficientless. You are investing in your future. If this is not your first goal in your business plan, then reconsider your reasons for running an online venture.

A final piece of advice.
It's amazing how quickly you can forget something that you thought would stay with you forever, so keep notes on all your ideas


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    Valerian has been around long enough to know what works and what doesn't. Visit a site devoted to providing information of great interest to online marketers.

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