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I know that people should thinking that working at home or owning a home business means that they don’t have to work very much or very hard anymore. They believe that is enough to join to affiliate programs and all things will run automatically, making money even when they sleep.

Of course, you can make money in your sleep, this is true, but do not think you can achieve this goal staying crosshands. If someone tells you can get something for nothing is a crook. Anyone who says “we do all the work” is lying to you. On the other hand, anyone who tells you need thousands of dollars to start a home based business is lying to you as well.

The main majority programs on the internet offer free sign-ups, free products, and free websites to help you as an individual to start an internet home business. This is fantastic opportunity, but before you will go get customers, there are things that have to be set in place and then commissions will grow.

Internet business needs an investment like any other business in this world. It's a fact, visitors won't know that your website exists unless you advertise it. But the internet is fun because it makes business inexpensive and very easy. A lot of high traffic directories will allow you to post your site for free, many search engines will list your site for nothing. You just need to learn something about search engine optimization.

There are also places you must pay. For instance some search engines are reject affiliate websites. In this condition you must build a website that will cost you about $20-$30. Then you will need a host for it. Then you will need to pay for more effective advertising. That will make about $30-$50 every month.

And, if you want to save money, there are many things you can do yourself. The question is: are you willing to invest your time ?

I can tell you that I spend about 2 hours online every day working on my business. Of course, I could pay somebody else to do all the job, but I don't like to charge my budget. Let's see what I do :

1. I build the websites myself and maintain them;
2. I submit my website to various free search engines, directories, and other high targeted traffic sites;
3. I permanently evaluate my websites and make updates;
4. I read articles, reports, money making tutorials, forums posts related to my work or business;
5. I run an affordable ezine (newsletter);
6. I answer to my customer's questions.

Some days I put in more time and some day's I don't work at all. But I know that if I am not willing to invest my time...I probably never going to succeed.

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