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by Valerian Copyright 2006

Making to work a home business is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. You're facing a big amount of scattered pieces and it may be a little uncertain where to start.

In my opinion, the best starting point is by taking a look inside yourself: at your abilities, talents, personal motivations and interests.

1. Write down an objective list of your talents and abilities.
Ask family and friends what they think you're good at doing. You must be skilled in your field; whether it's selling, cooking, painting, computer programming or something else.

2. Make a list with things you like to do.
This often will point to natural crafts, and can lead to business ideas.

3.Write a short work about "how would I like to spend a perfect day" or a weekend, a holyday, a vacation. On one hand, such kind of list will help you describe your personality and what kind of interests you have. On the other hand, reading between the lines, it's possible to find some answers about the frame of your future venture.

4. Make a list with services and products you receive.
Then evaluate what is good and bad to everyone. Think how you could improve bad things. May be you will discover few starting points for your new home business.

5. Make a list with products and services you need, but you can't find yet.
This way you'll be surprised at how many new ideas will rise in your mind.

6. Ask friends and colleagues to make a list with things they want or need.
This is your first work in niche marketing.

Before starting filling the above lists, try to be as creative as you can, thinking that many exciting businesses didn't even exist a few years ago. You need to think out of the frame, you need new pair of "glasses" in order to see potential business opportunities all around you and compile a tutorial regarding money making opportunities.

But take care, a perfect idea doesn't automatically transform into a success business. There must be a market demand. Then must be people willing to pay the price you ask.

A final advice. It's important to be clear about why you want to start a business, and what "success" would mean to you. It is probably in your intention to make money. It's ok, but how much ? Or may be you need a personal status or to be an accepted expert in certain field. It is also OK, but how high ?


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