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Thinking to the growth of the Internet, work at home jobs have become more prevalent . Hundreds of jobs can be found on any given day. According to satistics, approximately 15 million people telecommute in some form.

One of the first things people need to learn about work at home jobs is that they require experience and skill just as any job would. For instance, you may get paid for typing but most likely you will also be in charge with doing the research, synthesizing and organizing the data, and then typing it.

The biggest problem with work at home jobs is the high number of scams. Then from the very beginning throw away those offers dealing with stuffing envelopes, assembling miniature dollhouses or promissing big earnings overnight. When you receive a tempting offer just ask yourself why they do not keep the job for theirselves or for family members.

If you are looking for legitimate work from home jobs I have a tip for you. There is no place here for pyramid schemes, chain letters, or other well known scams.

In fact it's about a Job Bank.
Here you will find active, up-to-date jobs working for real companies.
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