home based business businesses opportunities skills investment

businesses skills investment opportunities home based business

home based business businesses skills investment opportunities

businesses opportunities home based business skills investment

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So you've decided you should start a business but aren't sure what kind? Reading this book can help you determine the best kind of business for you.

For each business listed, the authors provide a short description, an explanation of "why" it's a good pick, the skills necessary, the initial investment required, resources for more information and a brief dialog with even more information. This book will guide you to making a wise choice.

"The 100 Best Businesses for the 21st Century" is excellent!

The book is simple and easy-to-read.
But each of the businesses has been researched carefully and well-documented for follow-up work. We recommend this book for lots of folks - it's great for a second job, a career change, and retirees looking for additional income.

Are you ready to be a winner?
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