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$545,725 last month with ClickBank

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This guy made $545,725 last month with ClickBank. And he did it with a NEW ClickBank software technology.

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These guys hired a top secret hacker to build this tool for them. And today the radical new software goes live.

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* PROVEN to pump out as much as $1.1 million
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Now this guy's making $18,430 per day with ClickBank.
But it hasn't always been this way.
Before he stumbled onto this mass traffic trick, he FAILED:

* He lost all his cash on ebooks & guru scams
* He'd never made a single cent on the Internet
* He was burned by traffic tactics like Google, FaceBook & Twitter

But then, just as he was about to give up...
He enlisted the help of a secret software hacker...
And suddenly made a BREAKTHROUGH.

A single idea which changed everything - instantly.
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Now he reels in over 29,904 targeted visits per day.
He easily generates as much as $18,257 ClickBank cash.
And most importantly of all for you...
He's about to expose the scams & lies of the gurus.

And show you the ONLY way succeed online in 2011.
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But you must move FAST.
These gurus & scam-artists that he's exposing are already trying to get this tool delisted, banned and blocked.

It's still active right now - but I don't know how long it will be.

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Seriously - there's only a handful of slots available here.

Daniel already has over 33,000 people on his waiting list. But just a few slots available. Not everyone will be allowed in.

I hope you get your copy while its still live.
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Jack x

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