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How to create profitable iPhone Apps & games
with no skills?

Imagine that you can create your own iphone or iPad app

Next imagine
Thousands of people all over the world using that app.

That would be great Wouldn't it? itune applicaton

Now imagine that you got paid for by each one of those people. That would be the start of a whole new way of life style.The types of apps that you create are only limited by your imagination.

Read what was written on the iTunes App Store Page

The iTunes App Store opened its doors
a little more than 5 months ago and has been a huge success,
at least based on the Numbers of applications available
(more than 10,000)
and the number of downloads
(more than 300 millions).

With a size getting close to 20 or 30 million owners worldwide (remember, iPod Touch!), the market for iPhone apps sure looks
like a gold mine.


Have you ever dreamed
of creating your own great game or application
for iPhone or iPad that would hit pay
dirt in the App Store?

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What if I told you that:
@ you could Learn in 4 weeks
@ No progamming experience needed
@ $1 gets you started


AppDevSecrets is a 4 week training program that teachesyou how to create iPhone or iPad applications.

Learn what you need to know to become a successful & profitable iphone applicaton developer.

What have you got to lose?

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