Satellite television service

Over 3,500 channels to your PC...and never pay a monthly bill again

Welcome to Satellite Direct- the future of television.

Described by Internet Media Magazine as "unequivocally the best TV to PC software on the net"


For less than the price of one month's subscription cable or satellite service, you can enjoy a lifetime of television- over 3,500 channels!- from the convenience of your laptop or desktop.
  1. Register - Answer a few simple questions, and our easy registration system will process your ONE TIME payment. That's right, no monthly bills- ever.
  2. Download - Follow the easy, on screen instructions to download our software. No hardware to install, no equipment to buy.
  3. Watch and Enjoy - Sit back and enjoy thousands of television channels, from soaps and sports to movies and dramas, any time, day or night.

    With crystal clear picture and sound quality, exceptional customer service, and a lifetime of television for less than you'd pay for just one month of cable service, Satellite Direct is the best way to get the most for your TV dollar.



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