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How to Make 50 Million Pounds from Next to No Money

...which is just what one VERY ordinary UK guy has done over the last 16 years and there's no reason why YOU can't do it too.

PLR for mewbies His method looks a little something like this:

“Hey you:
fancy buying my product from me for next to nothing, selling it on as your own using strategic, low-cost marketing methods, making £££££s, and keeping all the money?"

"Most certainly".

"You're on"

I know what you are thinking now:
why would anyone who has created a seriously sexy product
pass it on to you for,
well, next to nothing,
allow you to sell it on as your own and let you keep...
100% of the profits?

(Buying a product from someone with rights to sell it as your own is known as PLR marketing - private label rights marketing - by the way)

The answer is actually very simple.
Mr X is based in the US.
He has had extraordinary success with his digital information products in his home country and has never even thought about selling them internationally.

News of his amazing digital products
reaches budding internet marketer, Miss Y.

Miss Y is based in the UK
and so far has no products of her own to sell.
For a very, very small fee,
Mr X is happy for Miss Y to take over
one or more of his products
and sell them to her market: the UK.

I think you get the idea.
It all comes down to sheer opportunism.
And trust me,
there are MILLIONS of virtually untapped
PLR and MRR (master re-sale rights)
opportunities out there. (Yes, really)

So where people go wrong with PLR products
is not that they can’t actually find any.
Far from it.
It’s what they do with them,
or rather, what they don’t do with them
when they get them that puts them on a losing path.

Take the following case for example:

"£30,000 in just 3 days from Facebook marketing!”.
My name is Suzy Q.
I am a 40-year-old divorcee from London.
Six months ago I had £35,000 of credit card debt, no job,
and 3 small children to support...
and I just KNOW that this strategy will work for you too.
My video course contains everything you need to…

Now just suppose,
when you do your Google search on
how to make money from Facebook,
you come across about 500 websites
all with this same sales blurb (as well as all looking the same!).
What will make you buy from one rather than from another?

Failing to re-brand your PLR product
is not the only thing that can limit your sales.
But it is,
according to many PLR marketing “gurus”,
the main thing that will kill your sales
(assuming your selling a product of quality, of course).

That's where "PLR For Newbies",
a set of videos showing you in detail
how to make your PLR ebook,
article, audio, or video stand out from everyone else’s, comes in. You can find it at

Each video in the "PLR For Newbies" package
focuses on a unique element of PLR marketing,
from the tools that you need for your re-branding project
to how to manipulate private label source code
(and why doing this is so useful).
The best part about “PLR For Newbies”,
though, is that you can sell it on
as a PLR or MRR product of your own

You're not just getting the knowledge and skills
that you need for making
as much money as possible from a PLR product.
You're getting your very own PLR product
to sell too
(which you will hopefully do with all due re-branding,
as shown in the videos,
in order to maximise your profits in full!).

Curious about this package?
You should be.
PLR marketing can make you millions
(and, as I have hinted,
if you give me a call or shoot me an email,
I will show you people who have done just that).

To find out more, visit

Gina Blacks,
Queen of Internet Marketing.
>>> shot me an email
+447961 976 270.

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