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This is a quick reminder
to let you know that you can now try the full version of AK Elite
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This option will likely not be available long-term, so if you were on the fence about trying out AK Elite because the price may have been out of your price range, you can now try it for a much lower price.

AK Elite has been available for about 17 days and
already there have several reports from users
saying they now have #1 Amazon rankings
for their Kindle books.

And that was without soliciting them for feedback.
These reports all came straight to the AK Elite help desk.

you can imagine how many users are getting results
and just haven't taken the time to let us know yet.

Anyway, here is the link to try AK Elite for just $49:

>>> http://tinyurl.com/pdo2j7m.

And if you still haven't watched the video
to see all the features of this powerful software
and what it can do for you,
here is the link to watch the AK Elite video.
Plus you can get a free "kindle crusher ebook"
by just watching the video.

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Have a great week!


>>> http://tinyurl.com/pdo2j7m.

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