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This get's opened EVERYTIME....crazy right?

Quick story.......
Mike the marketer joined a program to make money from home. make money from home

The problem?

Mike did not know how to grow his business online.

However, Mike was commited, so he decided to learn.

Mike bought countless books and training courses on
  • how to build a website,
  • set up a sales funnel,
  • how to make a squeeze page,
  • how to build a list,
  • how to automatically follow up via email with the leads he generated,
  • how to make custom sales graphics,
  • how to create killer sales videos,
  • how to write effective ad copy,
  • how to generate traffic....
  • ....and on and on and on...
Mike learned about split testing,
creating cross browser compatibility videos,
copy writing,
about Wordpress themes and plugins,
about autoresponders, lead flow, follow up....

....and much more...

Six months later,
Mike finally signed up his first team member.

Unfortunately for Mike,
his new team member also did not know much
about any of the things Mike had been learning.

So, Mike had to stop promoting his business
and help his new team member.

Sound familiar?

Now meet Mark,
Mark also joined a program to make money from home,
except Mark had a Done For You System

in place.

Mark learned about different traffic strategies and immediately implemented them, sending targeted traffic to his....

....already in place funnel.

Mark signed up team members right away,
and because of the done for you system,
Mark could just plug his new team members into it as well, so he did not have to stop promoting his business to train his new team members.

It was all done for them too!

Mark started making money right away and continued
to learn along the way.

The difference?

Mark understood the power of DUPLICATION.

Without duplicatable results, you will simply be spinning your wheels trying to help your team get going.

So, who would you rather be- Mike or Mark?
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To your success,

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