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This is weird.
And kinda scary.
Iíll tell you why in a while... selling ebook on Clickbank

But first more on this weird guy - Peng Joon
This guy banked over $1.2 million in sales
selling a tiny small ebook on....
(ready for this?)


(Farmville? WTH! Can you believe it?)
He had no sales upsells...
He didnít even use his real name!
It was marketed under a pen name,
Tony Sanders YET he was able to generate
over a one million dollars in sales in under 8 months.
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Just 1 single damn ebook.

The weird part?

Naysayers said it was a fluke...
it couldnít be done again and now...

Heís showing everyone how he did it,
with just the laptop and the internet,
starting form ZERO ... while heís on VACATION!

Watch the video here:


Be prepared to be blown away...
[ K ali ]

P.S. I just wanted to mention that he built a list of over 300,000+ subscribers under 18 months as well. oh and yea... heís telling you how as well here:


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