opportunity to participate

opportunity to participate

An opportunity to participate in the wireless industry

Did you know we're the first company wireless industry in the home-based business industry to pay YOU a residual commission on your OWN monthly cell phone bill and the cell phone bill of EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

>>> http://deanh.mylightyear.com

I remember how excited I was
when I first watched those videos and
learned there was a way for me
to participate in the wireless industry.

For over 20 years
there has always been one big problem
when it comes to wireless services.
The big wireless companies have been
the only ones making money on monthly wireless bills.

There are 255 million people today who have cell phones and no one is getting paid when they pay their wireless bill.


Our company
is the first company to give people like you and me
an opportunity to participate in $139 Billion Dollars spent annually on wireless services.

If you would like more information on how you can participate, please visit my website.

>>> http://deanh.mylightyear.com


Dean Hiestand

>>> http://deanh.mylightyear.com

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