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walmart agent Walmart shopper credit card


Get a $300 debit card for only $255
  • Get a debit/credit card with a $300 face value
  • Use it anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Funds never expire
  • (Learn the income potential of becoming an agent)
shopper credit card Here is how it works:
The card can only be purchased online with another credit card.
The advertised price includes two things:

(1) The membership fee,
(2) The card itself. The card actually only costs $225. The reason for the higher price in the ad is because we included the sign up fee and monthly membership fee with the card. The card you get has a face value of $300.

Why are they doing this?
People don't give away something for nothing.
This is just an incentive for you to go on to their website. They hope you will buy their health products while you are on their web-site. They also have thousands of affiliates linked to their website, giving them a kick-back from every purchase made through their site. Instead of paying millions for TV and radio commercials, they are paying YOU and at the same time getting you (very close) to purchasing their products. There are actually two options.

Get $300 card for $225.
$79.90 one time sign up fee. $30 monthly.

Get 3 cards - One time sign up fee $114,then $65 monthly
$300 card for $225
$200 card for $120 (Walmart)
$200 card for $120 (Walmart)
Walmart cards must be bought at least 15 days apart
You can use Walmart Card to purchase Visa or Amex gift card. ( Small charge may apply)


Click the blue "join now" tab on the right.

Fill in your information. MY CODE # is (11880)

All who enroll in Option #2 will get a website in case they choose to become an agent (there is no additional fee for this)

The space called "REPLICATED SITE (URL)" is a way to personalize your website so that you can get credit for your spouse (or friends) who might sign up through your website. The personalized part of *this* website is highlighted. "". what comes after the "/" is *your way* of personalizing your website. Type in your choice.

Choose the plan that fits your income needs. You can call me to discuss if you need help deciding.

You will be asked if you want to log into your website (they call it *"your extrant".* Click yes (or ok)

(click "shopper login")

choose "loyalty cards" (on top)

enter the personalized part of your website (or the 4 digit code) and password

Scroll down to the $225 for $300 card,

Click "add to cart", scroll up and check out


Your $300 gift card will arrive in two - three weeks. (In time, it will take about a week.)


For information on the income benefits of becoming an agent, pleasecall or send me an email with your request. Thank you.

David Treibitz
(732) 539-7248


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