One Team Matrix without having to refer anyone!

You'll make money from our
One Team Matrix
without having to refer anyone!

How It Works
(ALL members contribute to company advertising)
No One Gets Left Behind
(Everyone Builds One Team Together)
No Holes Force Filled Matrix
(Everyone Fills One Matrix Together)

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Direct Referral Bonus: $2.50
(Promote and Earn 25% Per Direct Referral)
No Sponsoring Required
(Everyone Gets Paid 3 Levels Deep)

This is a 5 x 3 company force filled matrix.
That means 5 positions will fill your 1st level
and 25 positions will fill your 2nd level
and 125 positions will fill your 3rd level.

How Much One Position Pays!
1st Level Filled Pays $15
2nd Level Filled Pays $25
3rd Level Filled Pays $125

Each Co-op Ad Gives You One Position in the Matrix One Position Pays Out $165 Every 6 Months!

*Buy more than one co-op ad to create unlimited income. You get paid instantly when your earnings reach $15 Cash will start flying in your AlertPay account daily... Join Right Now & We Will

Automatically Put Paid Members
In Your Downline... GUARANTEED!

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Best Regards
Dawn x

PS This is gonna be great, have fun!!

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