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Imagine offering EVERY visitor to your site their choice of over 11,000 TOP selling products.

I'm talking about products like ...

* The Whole Truth by Stephen Pierce
* Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner
* Make Loads of Cash On eBay
* How To Write Your Own Book in 7 Days by Jim Edwards
* The Membership Super Pack
* The Amazing Science of Speed Reading
* And over 10,900 MORE hot selling titles!

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Consider These Startling Facts

  1. One of the main secrets to success online is to SELL WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO BUY!
  2. Over 98% of ALL people who visit your website will NOT buy on the first visit!
  3. MOST visitors to any website NEVER return.
  4. MOST website owners are struggling to make enough to pay a car payment, much less a full time income!
Now you can offer visitors what they want to buy
WITHOUT interfering with your main business ...
AND earn from those who leave your site without buying too!

1st has created a super SIMPLE WAY
for you to offer EVERY product in the Clickbank marketplace to your visitors WITHOUT distracting them from your main selling message. This is the PERFECT supplement to any site.
Here are only three examples.
  1. Use it as a pop under and grab visitors attention when they leave your site.
  2. Offer a link to your Clickbank store directly on your site.
  3. Put a search box on your FAQ page.
  4. Put it on your thank you page for increase impulse sales!
  5. Put it on your 404 page and make dead links pay big!

And with 1st Promotion's EXCLUSIVE plugins you can offer TOPIC SPECIFIC products as well.

* Got a site about ezines? Offer ezine products.
* Got a site about dogs? Offer dog products.
* Got a site about dating? Offer dating products!

===> The possibilities are endless! <===

And YOU will earn up to a whopping 75% commission from each and every sale.

you can get started in the next 5 minutes. The good folks at 1st Promotion will walk you through the entire process.

In fact, they designed their site to be so easy to use that anyone who can read email (that includes you!) can set up a Clickbank storefront immediately!

Now imagine your Clickbank Storefront GREW every week AUTOMATICALLY!

That's right, as products are added to Clickbank they are also added to YOUR storefront automatically.

===> These are HOT selling products! <===

* Business to Business Products
* Computing & Internet Products
* Fun & Entertainment Products
* Health & Fitness Products
* Home & Family Products
* Marketing & Ads Products
* Money & Employment Products
* Society & Culture Products
* Sports & Recreation Products

There is simply NO good reason why you should not make a profit from every visit to your site.

Put yourself in a position to succeed no matter what your visitor wants with a 1st Clickbank Storefront.

All it takes is 5 minutes,
and you DO have 5 minutes, right?

To your success,

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