powerful Looking for a better living  

I need to say this because I am one of you looking for an break to make a better living online to take care of my family like every one does.

 My break came on 8th of July 2009.
It was one of the ListJoe emails when I found out it was such simple program that any one can do it I can tell you without a second thought.

Today 22nd Aug 2009 I quit my full time Job 2 days ago.
In my full time job I was making $100 a day
After taxes I was getting $67.50 per day
As a warehouse worker.

Last 45 days I have 224 sales that Equals to $8288.
Which I use to make
In 7 months as a ware house worker.

So I have decided to quit my full time
Job and continue to reinvest in this
Program because it has so much depth
Only the people can take bit of time to
Understand it.

I would like to see you all prevail with
This simple program.

Nagesh Ragulagadda

PS: I have a dream to make 100 sales a day
By Christmas 2010 do you think it is possible?
I know for sure it is possible.
If you have Such a dream just go for it.

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